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Meet Maria

Maria Bagby founded the Therapeutic Learning Center in Solana Beach, CA in 2012.  TLC's focus has been on FIXING learning challenges through strengthening the underlying learning skills needed for comfortable and efficient learning.  “When a smart child is struggling in school, it is often because they have a hidden underlying CAUSE. That could be weak processing skills (e.g. auditory or visual processing, memory skills or processing speed). By addressing the cause of the problem, students become the motivated, confident and independent learners they want to be.”​

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Meet Our Clinicians

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the TLC team to you. Each individual brings gifts of knowledge, talents, dedication, passion and interest in every family and student I know that you will feel the energy when you walk in our door at TLC. Please introduce yourself and get to know each person on the team. We value open dialogue, communication and relationship with our families.


Maria Bagby, MAs
Reading and Learning Specialist
Founder and Executive Director