We are OPEN During This Covid-19 Pandemic

We are doing remote screenings for students during school closures.
Use this time to build confidence and help your student thrive with Distance Services and Interactive Virtual Sessions

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We provide coaching & mentorship to guide & oversee your child's progress in their home curriculum. We can use your curriculum or provide one for you!


We support children in what they are learning and show them how to build learning skills to last a lifetime.

We address the root cause of any learning struggle in reading, writing, or math. We support children with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and more.


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It's all in the TLC Approach.

Maria Bagby founded the Therapeutic Learning Center to specialize in methods for increasing confidence and independence in student learning. 


She has trained Learning Clinicians to understand HOW children learn and what it takes to overcome learning challenges and learning disabilities.

Enthusiasm and Confidence

"Sydney is always excited to see her clinician on the computer! I can see her growing and taking charge of learning!"

Sydney's mom


Check out some clips of our students excelling with virtual learning!